“(…)When we see his works, we enter into that pleasant feeling of being better people, dazzled on having appreciated a fluid and static reality of our worldly environment. This energy was the work of Grant has constituted in objects that learn about one point: it is not simplytly to see the beauty in the chaos.
His genius teaches us to see slowly, appreciating the confusion of the city, knowing that it is an honor to imagine other worlds. Long live the Grand Master Earl!”

(Martín de León)

“I attempt to pay homage to past masters and cultures while expressing something never before dreamt.

My inspirations are based mainly in early 20th century works such as the Russian avant-garde and Italian Futurists but also include the street styles of Basquiat and chiaroscuro of Rubens.

With materials, such as watercolors, ink, pastel, and graphite on paper, I look for new expressions using different and unconventional ways of applying the material.

Along with brushes, I often incorporate my fingers to smear and slap the paper, developing a narrative through aggressive and sporadic strokes.

My goal is to construct a harmonious narrative combining figures and abstraction. And it is precisely this ambiguous personal and universal narrative that motivates me to create.”

(Justin Earl Grant)